Saginaw Township Police

Tom had worked closely with our Emergency Response Team (SWAT) to help enhance the response of officers and define roles and responsibilities.  He has also trained our fire departments for response to school violence, unlike any other in the nation.  The fire departments provide perimeter support, emergency breaching tools, and assistance in rescue efforts in teams with police officers.  He has also helped procure emergency response ballistic vests used by all responders to violence and potential explosions through Homeland Security funding.  He maintains a regular liaison with the police chiefs.     

Tom Mynsberge of Critical Incident is very well respected in our region for his training of responders.  He has outstanding credentials, and is well accepted by all law enforcement and fire jurisdictions in the county.  I feel that Saginaw County is well prepared to professionally handle any school related incident.  I am extremely thankful for the training and dedication that Tom Mynsberge has shown to the emergency services personnel in Saginaw County.

Donald F. Pussehl, Jr.

Chief of Police, Saginaw Twp.


Michigan Society of Assoc. Executives Seminars

  • Informative, in depth!  I really appreciated the safety tips and solid content.  Thomas seemed more concerned with substance and teaching safety than just pitching his company, which I LOVED.    
  • Very sobering, but necessary information.  We don't spend enough time planning and training for worse case scenarios.  
  • Excellent realistic takeaways.

Comments from Michigan Society of Assoc. Executives Seminar 

The Surgery Center of Genesee County

 "What a wonderful day of critical incident management training at our surgery center.  Our staff, who are highly trained health professionals, were extremely impressed with the training and discussion.  The afternoon session you held with our leadership team was also invaluable.  Following your visit, we made numerous changes to our facility as a result of your advice and counsel.  Your training session was engaging, educational, and well worth the time and cost to our facility.  It was a pleasure having you visit our surgery center and we are proud to have introduced you to surgery centers across the State of Michigan through the Michigan Ambulatory Surgery Association.  Thanks again. 

Rick Brochu, CEO

Surgery Center of Genesee Co.

Immediate Past President,

MI Ambulatory Surgery



Cadillac Products Inc.

 You were the topic of our morning meeting.  Even before you reached home last night, there was a theater shooting and the teachers were the ones to move into action.  Must have had your training.

Amy Kreft,

Human Resource Generalist

Cadillac Products Inc.,

Rogers City, MI

Bronner's ChristmasWonderland

Thanks again for the great job in training our team.  They found it very informative and we really appreciate your expertise in these areas ,which we need to address.  

If I can ever be of assistance by offering a reference, I'd be delighted to do so.

Wayne Bronner, President/CEO

Bronner's ChristmasWonderland



Thomas Township Government

 "While we all truly hope that we never experience anything like an active shooter situation, the reality is that it does happen and we need to do our best to be prepared in the event that it involves us.  That is why I really do appreciate the opportunity to participate in your training program."

Russell P. Taylor
 Thomas Township Manager

Holy Family School


Thank you for providing such excellent training to our school and parish staff members this past Tuesday.  

The hour and a half training flew by and I was very impressed with the high engagement of the audience.  Yesterday, when I asked our staff for feedback on your training, it was all positive.  Some of the comments were:  "Excellent information."  "Tom's message really hit home since we just had a bomb threat two months ago and we (incorrectly) evacuated the building.  We could have been a target for someone who was trying to get all of us outside!"  "Great training.  The time flew by."  "Tom Mynsberge was easy to listen to and really experienced in this area".  Well worth our time."  "Cleared up some questions we had about an active shooter in the school situation."  "I feel more confident about what to do in a crisis now."      

Thank you, again, for such excellent training; I hope you can visit many more schools in the future so that the schools in Michigan become safer, better prepared places for all students and educators.

Michele M. Jahn, Principal

Holy Family School, Grand Blanc


Bullock Creek School District


I want to thank you for the exceptionally powerful presentation on critical incident management that you made to the Bullock Creek School District employees.  Your expertise and insight in school safety will be of great benefit to students and staff.  The comments that I have received depict a group of people who were very satisfied and impressed with your presentation.  Most importantly our staff is much better prepared to deal with the critical incident that may arise in the future. 

Charles F. Schwedler,

Former Superintendent

Bullock Creek School District



Thomas Mynsberge

Mobile:  989.239.5322