Professional Training for Critical Incidents

The Critical Incident Management Program

Established:  2001

Owner: Thomas Mynsberge

Certifications: CIM Certified Trainer

Areas of expertise:  Business, School, Government, Police and Fire Response, Hospital & Medical Centers, and Place of Worship Crisis Management.  CIM has provided training at many statewide and national seminars for crisis response training in these fields.   They have been recognized for their professional, realistic and practical responses.

A new program recently introduced is a certified Tactical Field Operations Training course for locating lost and hostile subjects.  This is an MCOLES approved course.

The CIM Team is committed to assist our clients should they ever be under siege.  Our particular expertise is a professional response and guidance in the civilian world to these types of crises.  No other entity offers this type of service/commitment. 

2018 Public safety "Best of" award



The Critical Incident Management (CIM) Program was initiated in 2001.  The Program has continued to modify and improve to set precedence in crisis response as a national standard.  The effective interface of staff, support staff, administrations, and first responders creates a unified response to minimize the impact on our schools, businesses, and government units.  All personnel receive training on their specific roles but also receive training in the roles of the other counterparts to understand the overall objectives each entity provides.   The training includes:

Staff Training, our first line of defenders for students, patrons, and clients.  Each is trained in responses to active killers, securing against threats, bomb threats, shelter in place for hazardous materials and hostage survival.  Administrators are trained in the oversight of employees for support and resource management.

The Technical Stuff


The CIM Team consists of seasoned professionals with actual life experiences.  Our team is drawn upon professionals that bring real life crisis interventions to help survive these type of critical incidents. These programs were not created in a sterile academic environment, seminar settings or internet downloads, but more with real life response incidents. We support what we teach with actual experience.  

Our Expertise


The Critical Incident Management Team is unique in the fact that it offers not only training for businesses, government, medical, places of worship, and school staff but incorporates emergency responders for the most inclusive program.  We are the only entity with the expertise to train police/fire responders, as well as the entity.  


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Thomas Mynsberge

Mobile:  989.239.5322